Headshot Personality Types-Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of Headshot Personality Types.


One thing clients often say to me when I am scheduling a shoot with them is “I don’t know how to pose,” or “will you pose me?”


Just as in the first part of our three-part Headshot Personality Types series, which you can find here, in this post we will break down a small sampling of different headshot types, along with posing tips and tricks to pull them off.  So let’s get started. . .


Are you the go-to person for every project? Is yours the first name your team thinks of when something needs to get done, ASAP?

Then you’re the doer.

For this headshot, you want to show you are the person who “gets things done”. Dynamic photos come from movement and in this case that’s exactly what you want to portray. You can be walking, giving viewers a sense that you are going somewhere or are always on the move. Or maybe you are sitting at your desk, holding a pen with your arm on some papers. This offers the viewer a sense that you are too busy to do your photo—you have deadlines after all—so you compromised and let the photographer shoot while you kept working.

For this personality, you want to show you are ready to jump in on any project.


Have you reached the pinnacle of your career? Are you laid back and happy with what you’ve worked so hard to achieve?

You’ve earned this spot now it’s time to bask in all you’ve accomplished, and show the world who you are—now.

In this photo you want to be sitting—you’ve earned the right to sit down. Consider a library setting where you are in an older, heavy wooden chair. Add a knee overlap and lean back a bit into a more relaxed pose, but maintain a good posture.

You want to look straight into the camera. This offers a sense of authority while the more relaxed position proves you already have the wisdom. Go ahead and cross your hands on your lap. Natural, nothing too posed—no posturing.


The Comedian is the headshot for a person who believes in injecting a bit of lightheartedness into your work life—you’re probably involved in a profession where the work offers more freedom for your personality to shine through.

Usually, when posing for your headshots you don’t want too much expression, but with the comedian, you can get more creative.

You want your pose to be relaxed, maybe even offering a sense of movement. This is a great pose to bring out some props that might feel more fun, and show a lighter more playful side or even a bit of mischief. Then, add eyebrows, do something cheeky or quirky to let the viewer know you just might make them laugh.

And you don’t have to go over the top—an eyebrow raise may be all you need.

Using these techniques, you’ll show the world that you are not only a great asset, but you’re also up for a good time.



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Headshot Personality Types-Part 2

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