We believe that everybody has a story to tell, but the sad truth is, some of the best stories never get told.

When you choose to work with Worthwhile Media, you are choosing to raise up the voice of a non-profit or cause that might otherwise remain unseen and unheard.

For every annual subscription client, Worthwhile Media will work with you to find a non-profit near and dear to your heart and provide a 3 day commercial campaign at no cost to the organization you choose. Proceeds from every client subscription will go to fund the campaign and all media created for the client will be licensed for full commercial usage.

What can we accomplish in a 3 Day Campaign?
- Professional Headshots for every employee
- New Photos for the Website
- Motion Picture Banners for Web and Social
- At least 3 months of Storytelling based photography for social media (usually more!)
- Content for Print Media, Mailers, Banners and more
- Social Advocacy content for advertising and awareness

What if your advertising and marketing dollars could be used for good? What if by telling your story, you could provide a platform for those fighting the good fight to tell their stories?

If you’re going to make something, why not Make it Worthwhile?

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about how you can help.