Melissa Swaney goes from dreading the camera to a complete visual branding solution thanks to Melissa Hollingsworth and Worthwhile Media. 

Melissa Swaney

Network Marketing


Increase in Engagement

Enter Worthwhile Media and Melissa Hollingsworth. Melissa eased her fears by providing an “all in one solution” for the shoot. Working with Worthwhile Media provided her with a headshot and a whole lot more⁠—she got a complete brand solution, three months' worth of photography created in one day, and a comprehensive plan to use it effectively. 

Melissa Swaney didn’t like having her picture taken, but she knew she needed professional images that told the story of her brand. 

“I was actually just looking for head shots and then after meeting with Melissa and fully understanding what she can do, I quickly realized it was something that I needed.”—Melissa Swaney


New Followers on Instagram


months worth of photography in One session




"My content and media strategy before working with Worthwhile Media was nonexistent.  It was very haphazard.  I would just take pictures and post on a whim.  There was no real planning to it, or story or brand," says Swaney.

A Struggle to Stay Consistent on Social


When Melissa reached out to Worthwhile Media, she revealed she was struggling to stay consistent on social media and wasn’t sure how to brand herself. 

Worthwhile Media devised a plan to help solidify her brand messaging and visual identity while making it easy to consistently produce content that would resonate with her audience and boost engagement on social media—ultimately leading to more sales and an increase in quality market partners on her team.

"She makes it easy for me to be authentic with who I am and that's only going to attract the right people to me that I'm trying to find." -Swaney

“She is able to provide content every day with a different picture and a different caption idea or something that goes back to my brand in an incredibly cohesive way. And then, all I have to do is post it. But the stress, the thought, all of that is taken away, which is very helpful.” - Swaney

Continuous Content-Customized



Melissa is an Executive Director at Monat Global

At one of the top levels in the company, Melissa leads her team with enthusiasm and passion, providing constant motivation and support and implementing smart systems like the Power Hour among her team.


Melissa is a contributing author to Mumpreneur 
on Fire

In Mumpreneur on Fire 4, Melissa shares her own stories of success and the struggles she faced to get there.  Her story is an inspiration to us all and her bravery in sharing it motivates us to share more of our true selves on a daily basis.


Melissa excels in business and doesn't sacrifice family to do it

Even though Melissa has risen to the top of a very successful network marketing company, she always manages to put family first.  Helping her share her "why" with the world inspires us on a daily basis.

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